Zero Waste

Zero Waste is a lifestyle that does not generate any rubbish for the landfill, and keeps even recyclable waste to the minimum. Not everyone can achieve that mark*, especially not overnight, but we can all aspire to it to the best of our abilities: any waste reduction is a contribution, particularly when done out of service to the Earth. The following lists aim to make it easier to step away from waste, particularly plastic.

* Especially when the rest of the household is uncooperative. The Zero Waste Chef offers pragmatic (and humorous) advice in that regard.

Plastic & Other Packaging

Demystifying the various materials used in packaging (especially plastic), their impact on the Earth and whether they are recycled.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Did you know recycling is meant to be a last resort?  Instead, it has made us more wasteful! A closer look at the three Rs (or five, in this case) in their right order.

Zero-Waste Household

Suggestions to eliminate plastic and other waste in your bathroom, kitchen, and house in general.

Zero-Waste Shopping

How and where to source all your foodstuffs without plastic, and if possible without any packaging at all!

Zero Food Waste

Reducing waste also means not wasting resources, and particularly food.

Zero-Waste Workplace

Depending on our occupation, it can be particularly challenging to avoid waste at work as we have far less control over materials, suppliers, etc. But we can still make a few changes.

Zero-Waste With Children

In societies where everything is packed and sealed, going zero-waste when bringing up young children is immensely difficult. Much respect to you for even trying. All the solutions on this page are contributed by parents with first-hand experience of seeking waste-free alternatives for birth and child rearing.

Zero-Waste Gift-giving

Gift-giving has been so hijacked by consumer culture that “those times of the year” are synonymous with stressful shopping, expense, clutter, and unjustifiable waste of single-use wrapping, not to mention the heavy cost to the planet of producing pointless stuff just for those occasions. We need to take back the tradition of gift-giving, and gift … Continue reading Zero-Waste Gift-giving

Further Resources

Further reading and resources on the topics of waste and reducing it. Manufacturing & Recycling The Truth About Recycling (The Economist, June 2007) Cradle to Cradle: Remaking the Way We Make Things (Michael Braungart and William McDonough, 2009) Zero Waste Living The Zero Waste Chef: “No packaging. Nothing processed. No waste.” Amazingly creative blog for … Continue reading Further Resources