The core of this website: greener alternatives for every life item I can think of.

The solutions range from eco-friendly items on the market (which require the least effort but are still better than mainstream products), to fully homemade alternatives (with as near a perfect green score as can be achieved). It’s up to you to adopt what you can realistically implement in your life.

My suggestion: Start with the easy stuff, what you can do with minimal effort. Even if it feels small, you’re immediately making a contribution. Then address the more challenging things, one at a time, integrating changes at your own pace.

Sourcing Food

Towards a renewed respect for the beings who feed us, sustainable eating habits, and zero-waste food shopping.

Zero Food Waste

Reducing waste also means not wasting resources, and particularly food.

Bath & Beauty

We use so many products on our bodies,  far more than are actually necessary or even advisable, with devastating effects. But all can be sourced ethically and plastic-free, or can even be home-made.

Cleaning Products

Swap toxic cleaners for nature-friendly ones, or make them yourself using natural ingredients that cleanse without harming.

Natural Remedies

Save the drugs for serious conditions: many common ailments can be effectively treated with homemade remedies and the natural healing power of herbs.

Conscious Shopping

Sometimes we need to buy things, which is not the same as being a consumer. Here are good shopping habits, and ethical retailers.

Conscious Gift-giving

Gift-giving has been so hijacked by consumer culture that “those times of the year” are synonymous with stressful shopping, expense, clutter, and unjustifiable waste of single-use wrapping, not to mention the heavy cost to the planet of producing pointless stuff just for those occasions. We need to take back the tradition of gift-giving, and gift … Continue reading Conscious Gift-giving

The Household

From small everyday items, to renovating your home, choosing an energy provider or even a bank: all can be an opportunity to make sustainable choices on a small or large scale. [This page is under construction]

Zero-Waste With Children

In societies where everything is packed and sealed, going zero-waste when bringing up young children is immensely difficult. Much respect to you for even trying. All the solutions on this page are contributed by parents with first-hand experience of seeking waste-free alternatives for birth and child rearing.

Zero-Waste Workplace

Depending on our occupation, it can be particularly challenging to avoid waste at work as we have far less control over materials, suppliers, etc. But we can still make a few changes.

Garden & Outdoors

Whether your garden is large or a mere window box, growing (at least some of) your food is a joy that requires neither artificial fertilizer nor pesticides — Nature knows all the tricks.