Home Improvement

Building or renovating your home, or even choosing an energy provider, can be an opportunity to make sustainable choices on a larger scale.[This page is under construction]


Energy Provider

  • Good Energy (UK): 100% renewable energy and green gas. “Simply switching to Good Energy could cut your carbon footprint by up to 50% and means that the UK has to import less fossil fuels from abroad.”


  • Natural Insulations (UK): Environmentally friendly insulation, energy-saving both in terms of the materials they use and the way they are manufactured, and delivered straight from the manufacturer to minimise road miles.


  • ECOS Paints (US): Organic house paints! “ECOS products are free of pesticides, free of herbicides, and free of fungicides. In fact, they are non-toxic enough that our founder ate a spoonful of ECOS Paint chosen at random by the U.K.’s Health and Safety Executive to demonstrate to them how pure and safe our paints are – although we certainly wouldn’t recommend ingestion.”
  • Edward Bulmer (UK): Natural paint with non toxic formulation and a COneutral manufacturing process. “Natural paints are made from raw materials such as plant extracts, chalk, earth minerals and linseed. They are non toxic and where possible have full organic or equivalent certification.”

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