Non-Human Welfare

Human life today is built upon the enslavement, torture, poisoning, destruction and disregard of all other living things, most of it taking place conveniently out of sight and out of mind. Here are ways in which we are participating in this, and how to stop.

Evils & Solutions

A concise look at the real cost of things and foods that are produced industrially so we can buy them cheap; and the solutions we can look out for and support.

Sourcing Food

Towards a renewed respect for the beings who feed us, sustainable eating habits, and a less toxic diet. [under construction]

Conscious Shopping

Sometimes we have to buy things, which is not the same as being a consumer. Here are good shopping habits, and ethical retailers.

Personal Care

We use so many products on our bodies,  far more than are actually necessary or even advisable, with devastating effects. But all can be sourced ethically, or even homemade.

Household Cleaners

Swap your toxic household products for nature-friendly ones, or make them yourself using just a few harmless ingredients.


Whether your garden is large or a mere window box, growing (at least some of) your food is a joy that requires neither artificial fertilizer nor pesticides — Nature knows all the tricks.

Natural Remedies

Save the drugs for serious conditions: many common ailments can be effectively treated with homemade remedies and the natural healing power of herbs.

Home Improvement

Building or renovating your home, or even choosing an energy provider, can be an opportunity to make sustainable choices on a larger scale.