Zero-Waste Shopping Kit

Feel free to print these images for your private use. This post accompanies the general information on Zero-Waste Shopping.

You need very little to conduct waste-free shopping trips, and some of these items can do double duty asfor foraging trips as well!

Shopping kit.jpg

Produce bags are cloth bags with a drawstring; being almost weightless, they allow you to weigh the contents without adding to your bill. You’ll find many types to buy on Etsy or even Ebay (look for “reusable produce bags”), but as it’s more useful to have a dozen of them in various sizes, it’s easier to make them yourself. I can’t sew but still made a collection for myself in 5 minutes each: I include instructions below. As for the type of cloth, I recommend butter muslin (organic and unbleached), which is loosely woven and lets you glimpse the contents – useful when you take a load of these to the cash register. It is widely available anywhere that sells fabric, and inexpensive. However, if you need some bags to carry more than 1kg, you may want sturdier fabric. Perhaps taken from an old pillowcase?
On the other hand, for the smaller bags destined for fine-textured products, you may occasionally want a tighter weave: I cut up an old polyester scarf and made bags from that. No weave is fine enough for powders: for these you’ll want to use paper bags or small glassine envelopes (the kind used for stamps), which can be reused.


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