Living Consciously Another View for the Earth

contributed by Melvyn Banks

“Your beliefs become your thoughts,
Your thoughts become your words,
Your words become your actions,
Your actions become your habits,
Your habits become your values,
Your values become your destiny.”
— Mahatma Gandhi

A Brief Look Through The Window

What effect do we think our thoughts, feelings, conscious awareness and intention have on our environment, our lives, and the world we live in?

What do we think is the nature of matter and/or consciousness, the world we create, and how we may influence this; with particular attention to our interaction with the very particles of matter, physics, nature, biology, and our sense of interconnectedness — or lack of it, our feeling of unity or separation?

How may we explore this, even change this, to work in harmony with all life, consciously or unconsciously, or are we in disharmony and resistance to this?
Do we sense and perceive ourselves and life as separate entities or part of an interacting wholeness, evolving and sustaining or separate and opposing, or even just maybe co-existing?

We are continually creating energy of thought forms that may or may not manifest into life, our world of matter.
Simply put, among the many daily thoughts we have, some are fleeting, others more persistent, and if we sustain a particular thought and process long enough, consciously or unconsciously, it can become our action, our life and part of the world we create. Thus if I desire to become a cricketer I set this process in motion and act on it to bring this ‘alive’.

What world have we created and what do we want to create in our own life and the world we inhabit?

Bringing an idea, a thought into being, into the world of matter, needs focus of attention and intention.
To guide, allow constellation and coalescence of that energy into matter, into form and function, that then could allow this energy to be worked with, to flow in its natural state. To work in cooperation with what it ‘wants’ to be and what it can be; the light within matter coming alive with its potential, purpose and infinite possibility. Working and facilitating with this light and love to reflect and manifest itself in creation, for all good, oneness and manifestation.

Envisioning and Embodying a New World

There needs to be a consciousness shift; and how may our human consciousness manifest this?
What interplay does our consciousness have in manifesting this into being into form and function, what is our Vision?
How may we listen humbly with attention and intention to this vision and embodiment that ‘wants to be born’, how is our consciousness employed, mediated and interfaced with our vision, with this (Alchemical) process from non-being into being into form, matter-principles-process, nature and nurture?

I propose the thought that our consciousness is the midwife at the threshold of infinite possibilities of what could be and wants to be, and our vision. And thus with conscious attention and intention serves and facilitates to reflect this vision from the sacred numinous realm (quantum possibilities) into being and matter. (Without manipulation from the ego-centered desires)
How may we learn to listen and to watch this inner and outer process this interplay of potential, to align our unique human consciousness with the consciousness of the Earth to reflect and manifest this energy being born and coming into matter and allow this presence, this energy, to be known and come alive in this world.

I feel it is our responsibility to consciously listen at this threshold to ‘something’ of a finer
consciousness that lies beyond our own beliefs and systems, with openness, integrity and humility, not to recreate a new vision based on old images, so we are free to listen to ‘life itself ‘and align this new vision with the soul of the world – the Anima Mundi, so as to allow and facilitate this new vision and Myth to tell us what it can be, to reflect into life what wants to be born embodied and made manifest.

To honour this amazing being, our Earth, that gives us so much so freely.

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