For Love of the Earth is a resource hub with our beautiful planet at its heart. So many sites focus on our health, our finances, our convenience. In contrast, while the solutions laid out here will often benefit you, the central concern is doing what’s best for Her.
Sometimes this requires effort, sacrifice or changing comfortable habits. Indeed the full picture is a potentially vast lifestyle change. Please realize this is not an all-or-nothing, overnight deal. You may be living somewhere limiting, or putting all your energy into bringing up a young family, or juggling two jobs, or unwell, and so on. You can only do what you can do, and if you’re sincerely doing it for love of the Earth, that love will reach.
My suggestion: Start with the easy stuff, what you can do with minimal effort. This means you’re immediately lightening Her load. Then address the more challenging things, one at a time, integrating changes at your own pace. And thank you for joining us!

“If we can hear the cry of the Earth, feel this grief in our soul, then something in our heart opens. We are not separate from the Earth, her loss is our loss, her cry is our cry. Our heart becomes the Earth’s prayer that calls, and love the response to that call. We are drawn back to the simple human values of love and care—love and care for the Earth and its myriad inhabitants. More and more I believe that small things with love are what are needed—acts rooted in loving kindness—because it is in these qualities that the soul is present, and only when the soul is present can miracles happen, can magic come alive, and prayers be answered. And love is the greatest force in creation.”

—Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee,
The Loss of the Sacred and a Prayer for the Earth, Sept 2016

“There is this enormous living power which is the world in every moment and we’ve stepped out of that. So it’s not really a question of re-imaging how we could live differently because we don’t need to, we just need to step back into the circle of life. And I think that Spiritual Ecology is to go into the connectedness, and allow action to arise from there.”

—Eleanor O’Hanlon